• John Petrucci
    John Petrucci
    This guy is just unbelievable! Stylistically he’s able to sort of do anything, which completely blows my mind. It’s one thing to have a good handle on a style that you’ve developed or that you’re attracted to as a player, but to be able to have such a grasp on so many different styles is just so incredible.
  • Dweezil Zappa
    Dweezil Zappa
    Andy Wood makes playing the guitar look too easy. He's somehow managed to intuitively develop his picking skills to an absurd level of dominance. I think this is illegal in some states.
  • Andy Timmons
    Andy Timmons
    Freak of nature? Over the top virtuoso? I just call Andy Wood a “bad-ass”! It’s been a blast to get to know and play alongside AW as he never fails to inspire me (and make me laugh!). He just happens to be an articulate teacher as well. Play on brother!

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