About Andy Wood

Andy Wood

Andy Wood is a charismatic performer and instrumental storyteller known for his blistering licks and extraordinary versatility. He has toured with Rascal Flatts, Scott Stapp, Gary LeVox, LOCASH, Sebastian Bach and others, and has released four solo albums. His most recent release, Charisma, is due out in July 2024.

An award-winning mandolin player in his youth, Andy, a North Carolina native, grew up in east Tennessee and spent much of his childhood touring the bluegrass competition circuit with his cousin and grandfather. He began studying guitar in his late teens, incorporating influences from Nashville country, rock, jazz, swing and fusion. The result is a distinctive, genre-blurring style—musical stories told with the relaxed confidence of a virtuoso.

Andy’s first guitar release was his 2009 solo album, A Disconcerting Amalgam, which showcases his experiments with fusion, rock, metal and acoustic bluegrass. His 2014 double album, Caught Between the Truth and a Lie, featured acoustic songs on one disc and electric on the other, illustrating the dueling musical personalities in his emerging style. In 2019 he found his voice with his instrumental collection Junktown, which demonstrates his mastery of musical narratives. Andy also released his first live album in 2019, Live at the Bijou. His 2024 release, Charisma, is a further evolution of the statement he made with Junktown and plays with the confident assurance of an artist ready to tell his own stories.

In 2020, Andy organized the first Woodshed Guitar Experience, now an eagerly anticipated annual event where attendees can learn firsthand from the best guitar players on the planet.

A rising star in the guitar world, Andy will capture your imagination with his lyrical melodies, his unique sound, and most of all, his charisma.

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